Saturday, March 7, 2009


Thailand beaches are the reason many people choose to spend a vacation or a lifetime in Thailand. Beaches, almost uniformly beautiful surround three sides of this small country, and provide hundreds of miles of white sand and blue water.

Thailand beaches are becoming known and popular mostly during the years since the Vietnam era. Servicemen and women returned home after a stint in Vietnam, but they remembered the good times they had while on leave. With the cooling of tensions somewhat in the Far East, combined with the growing need to find profitable and economically sound ways of increasing investment in the country, came the realization that building a fine resort accommodation in Thailand with close proximity to beaches, shopping, history, was a sound business decision.

Thailand beaches were largely unspoiled by over development, and because there is so many miles of coastline available. it was not difficult to find a low cost area to develop. Although foreigners cannot own controlling interest in Thai property or businesses, with some creative accounting and a little under the table assistance, major development began.

Early resorts allowed the sun, sand and water to be their own sales force, A day on the beach, lazing in the sun with occasional dips in the warm azure waters of the Indian Ocean followed by a trip to Bangkok for wonderful Thai cuisine and perhaps some dancing or barhopping afterward made for a rewarding and satisfying vacation.

Of course, as popularity grew and locations close to the capitol city became more developed, prices of land grew as well. At the same time, a new breed of vacationers began to arrive looking for excitement, more than just a day on the beach. Tour companies began looking for more and different activities to increase the flow of tourists and poor people in need of employment began to be drawn to the coastal areas. This became an increasing cycle of more tourists needing more beaches and more hotels which brings more working people.

What is most amazing is that in spite of all the ebb and flow of people to Thailand beaches, they have managed in most instances to retain their pristine beauty. Were it not for the attack of the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004, Thailand beaches might have continued to increase in popularity.. Although other areas of the country were spared major damage, it remains to be seen what if any long-term effect the tsunami will leave.

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